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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Mo update! My 'stache as of 2010 11 16

It's coming in gradually, of course it didn't help that I nicked it shaving the other day! Ha! But not too bad...

Domestic Violence Arrest in Santa Barbara This Morning

A Santa Barbara man is arrested this morning on domestic violence charges.

Santa Barbara Police say shortly after midnight Monday, 19-year-old Federico Barreto followed his ex-girlfriend as she left Goleta heading toward downtown Santa Barbara on the 101. The 22 year old victim tried to lose Barreto by exiting the freeway and heading up Carrillo Hill to Miramonte. As she turned onto a small side street, Barreto blocked the narrow street with his Ford F150 truck. The victim backed away into a driveway as Barreto crashed into her Chevy Malibu wrecking the front end. He then took off. The victim was treated at Cottage Hospital for several visible injuries.  Barreto called and threatened her to not cooperate with police or else he would harm her or her young child.  At 6:45 this morning officers arrested Barreto without incident. He was booked at County Jail for several charges including domestic violence charges.

Meanwhile, To help prevent the cycle of domestic violence, the Santa Barbara Police Department works closely with the Domestic Violence Emergency Response Team (DVERT), staffed 24-hours with certified domestic violence peer counselors.  Anyone experiencing or aware of domestic violence is encouraged to contact DVERT at 964-5245.

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